Junior Lifesaving Program

What is "Junior Lifesaving Program"

Shimoda LSC has developed Junior Lifesaving activities since 1990 to prevent drowning and to promote safe beaches to children. Mainly we emphasise instruction in how to enjoy beaches and first aid to primary and junior high school children.


About "Shimoda Junior Lifesaving Program"

Junior Lifesaving program for local children

The program is for local children to learn how to enjoy the beaches and the first aid in Shimoda and Minami Izu areas, where Shimoda LSC are patrolling.

The goal is to protect their own local beach by themselves. Also we teach self rescue (protect yourself from danger) to them.

It is implemented by the support from our sponsor "SHIPS Co., Ltd".


SHIPS Junior Lifesaving Program

SHIPS Junior Lifesaving program since 1996. The program is implemented to enhance the enjoyment of the beautiful beaches by those who come from different parts of Japan to Shimoda and Minami Izu. It is a three-hour-program for children on the beach, and since 2004, we have taught the participating children's parents to learn about lifesaving at the same time as the children's program.
Shimoda LSC is organising the program and SHIPS Co., Ltd are supporting financially.


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