Exchange Program

Shimoda LSC has an official sister-club relationship with Maroochydore Surf Lifesaving Club (SLSC) located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, which has been a Champion club at the World Lifesaving Championships.
The goal of this program for Shimoda LSC is to be the number one patrol club by learning the latest rescue techniques and knowledge from the lifesaving developed country, Australia.
Maroochydore SLSC is also learning different culture and lifestyle by visiting Shimoda to patrol and training together with Shimoda members.
The program has developed to new phases for both clubs by learning from one another through experience in the areas of patrol and surf sports.

Summer Program (Maroochy Project)

During the months of patrol, which are July and August at Shimoda beaches, Shimoda LSC invite two lifesavers from Maroochydore. We learn the latest technique and knowledge from them through patrol and training with them.


Winter Program in Maroochydore SLSC

Shimoda members visit Maroochydore SLSC in December and learn the latest technique and knowledge of surf sports. We have had a good outcome at the Japan Lifesaving Championships held every October.


at Australian Zoo
photo by Training Squad members
Maroochydore S.L.S.C.
Maroochydore S.L.S.C.