Our patrol

patrol beaches and swimming pools in the Shimoda

We patrol beaches and swimming pools in the Shimoda and Minami Izu areas in July and August.
To protect the general public with Vigilance and Service, we set up swimming areas, define suitable safe environments for bathers, and make announcements about lost children; stealing; photography; selling; BBQ; and tsunami warnings, which are part of the service provided by the patrols.


Shimoda Life Saving Club has approximately 140 active patrol members both students and non-students divided into three areas. The local community provides temporary houses in the area and members stay there for 4 - 5 weeks during the months of July and August. Members get up at 5am, for morning training before breakfast, and then patrol from 8:00am to 5:00pm. In the evening there is another training session. All go to bed at 10:30pm. The camp educates the members in cooperation and discipline in group activities, and thus they become good lifesavers.


Shirahama area

There are two major beaches in the area; Shirahama Ohama and Shirahama Chuo.
Shirahama Ohama has a lovely white sandy beach with some rocks in the southern part of the beach.
When the tide is low and the surf is small, it is good for families with small children. During the high season there are about 20,000 swimmers a day every year.


Kisami area

Kisami area has four beaches divided by big rock walls.
They all have big surfs throughout the year and it is popular for surf board riders. It is also well-known for clear water and clean beaches.

Ohama beach

It is good for families when the surf is small, but once it is bigger, there are many surf board riders.

Maiso beach

Swimming area is only 50m wide, but the surf is calm due to the geographical features.

It is good for families.

Irita beach

There are no man-made banks on this beach. It is very popular for surf board riders all year round.

Tatato beach

It is very well known as a surfing beach across Japan.

Many professional surfers are born on this beach.

Minami-izu area

There is a Yumigahama beach and three pools patrolled.
The Yumigahama beach is about 1.2km long and known as a bow beach from its shape and is located in the tip of the Izu peninsula.
It is inside the protected bay and surf is relatively small. The Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) comes to lay eggs on this beach. Families, groups, and touring teams enjoy their visit down here.


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Maroochydore S.L.S.C.